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Redefine your kitchen experience with
Pristine Paneer



Silky & Smooth




Dense but fluffy

Packed in 200 & 250 gm  Pristine Paneer is an indispensable ingredient of any quality-conscious kitchen.

Pristine Paneer is carefully hand-crafted that offers smooth, velvety, creamy & uniform texture and softness in your every bite.

Made with our nutritious milk ( Please take a look at Why Pristine Milk?) it outclasses every paneer that you have ever tasted and scores high in important quality parameters - odour, texture taste & moisture!

  • Odour: The smell of the paneer tells a lot about its freshness. Most of the paneers would have a certain mildly sour and odd smell whereas Pristine Paneer has a sweet milky smell!

  • Texture: The first thing that you notice after biting into Paneer is its texture. Pristine Paneer is velvety but firm, mildly chewy but smooth and dense but silky.

  • Taste: Pristine Paneer has a creamy taste in every bite. It's simply un-put-downable! 

  • Moist Or Dry:  it’s dry or moist, this is indeed an important part in making any dish out of paneer.  Moist paneer is much easier to cut down and adds up to that extra creaminess to the dish. Pristine Paneer is sufficiently moist inside which gives you an extra edge in making that superb paneer dish. Its truely your kitchen's Pride!

Pristine Paneer is made to order. Place an order during the weekdays and get the delivery on weekend days. 

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