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Har din ki Shurwat Pristine ke sath!

Pristine Milk



Pristine is a Premium brand, Farm to Home milk delivery initiative in Hyderabad. We offer unparallel six milk variants to serve a wider and different consumer demand and for a more personalized experience.

We deliver over 2500 liters of milk every day to various locations in Hyderabad. We have been recognized as the pioneers of the fresh milk concept, and one of the leading boutique dairy farms in the city.


Pristine Milk from our family-owned farm “Fortune Dairy” is 100% pure, hygienic, instantly pasteurized, chilled and packaged farm-fresh milk delivered daily. Pristine milk is free from hormones, pesticides, and other toxic elements.  

A combination of the finest breed, balanced feed, good infrastructure, hygienic milking and best handling practices makes Pristine Perfect! 




Our Milking Process:

Animals are washed with an efficient washing canopy, while udders are washed with potassium permanganate solution and checked for mastitis before milking.

Milking is done untouched by hand, with our state-of-the-art Herringbone Milking Parlor from GEA Farm Technologies.

Milk is collected automatically through sterilized pipelines that lead directly to the pasteurization vats.

Udders are again cleansed with sealant and teat dip solution, to prevent contamination and mastitis, and are then led to the exercise paddocks.

The milking parlor is washed with dairy detergents using the effectual CIP Sinetherm system.

After samples of milk are analyzed to check Somatic Cell Count, Fat Content, Pathogenicity, etc. the milk is vat pasteurized, cooled, and packed.

The milk pouches are stored in Bulk Milk Coolers, to maintain a cold chain until delivery.

Due to our proximity to the city, we can maintain a farm-to-the-home concept while maintaining the cold chain at reasonable levels.



Healthy, High-Quality Murrah Buffaloes fed on highly nutritious feed.

Clean and well-ventilated animal sheds with good drainage systems.

Sophisticated washing canopy and advanced herringbone milking parlor from GEA Farm Technologies, Germany.

All Milk Processing and Cold Chain Maintenance is done on the farm, with Vat Pasteurization Unit, Quality Control Lab, Bulk Milk Coolers, and Walk-In Coolers.

How is Pristine Milk different and better?


Pristine Milk arrives at your doorstep within 24 hours of milking, at its freshest best. Our Milk is drawn using Milking machines (Herringbone Parlor and Bucket Milking Systems from GEA Farm Technologies, Germany), mostly untouched by hand. The milk thus collected into our receiving tanks is instantly pasteurized, chilled, and packaged on the farm itself.

Proper refrigeration is the most important factor in preserving the freshness of milk because bacteria grow rapidly in milk that is at room temperature for more than an hour and may cause serious illness. On our farm, the entire Supply chain is monitored and the milk packed is maintained at 4º C in walk-in coolers till it is picked up for delivery. delivery.

The chilled milk is then delivered to your home. We take pride in saying that we work in accordance with the best dairy practices in the world.





We make ghee the traditional way in a modern environment. Our artisanal process, finest natural fodder & sustainability is at the heart of our production thinking. Nothing comes out of our dairy at the cost of the environment. Our ghee asserts our love for Mother Nature.  Our artisanal process breathes life into our ghee. It embraces culture and revives it. It touches our traditions. It learns from the wisdom of the past. From purity and textures to processes, we bring the spirit of our culture back to life. 

Pristine Ghee is 100% natural & pure ghee obtained from grass-fed healthy cattle. its hand-crafted and made in the most hygienic environment in small batches, guaranteeing purity, silky smooth texture, and flavor. The quality of Pristine Ghee is unmatched due to its long and slow clarification process. We are proudly promoting our ghee to be one of the purest ghee due to the use of only the highest & purest quality of Pristine Milk.

The  Pristine ghee is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and crafted with care to protect your body, improve digestion, and help you lose weight.
The buttery-rich flavor is delicious.
All-natural and non-GMO.
Contains Omega 3 and 8, Vitamins A, D, E, and K
Made from grass-fed chattels milk which is free of hormones, additives, or any toxic elements(Please see our milk section for more information about Pristine Milk) 
Every 500 ml & 190 ml  Pristine Ghee jar is specially crafted to have a longer shelf life, ensuring freshness at every use​.




Packed in 200 & 250 gm  Pristine Paneer is an indispensable ingredient of any quality-conscious kitchen.

Pristine Paneer is carefully hand-crafted that offers smooth, velvety, creamy & uniform texture and softness in your every bite.

Made with our nutritious milk ( Please read above - Why Pristine Milk?) it outclasses every paneer that you have ever tasted and scores high in important quality parameters - odour, texture taste & moisture!

Odour: The smell of the paneer tells a lot about its freshness. Most of the paneers would have a certain mildly sour and odd smell whereas Pristine Paneer has a sweet milky smell!
Texture: The first thing that you notice after biting into Paneer is its texture. Pristine Paneer is velvety but firm, mildly chewy but smooth and dense but silky.
Taste: Pristine Paneer has a creamy taste in every bite. It's simply un-put-downable! 
Moist Or Dry:  it’s dry or moist, this is indeed an important part in making any dish out of paneer.  Moist paneer is much easier to cut down and adds up to that extra creaminess to the dish. Pristine Paneer is sufficiently moist inside which gives you an extra edge in making that superb paneer dish. Its truely your kitchen's Pride!

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