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Our Support program to help marginal local farmers

Training Interventions, Linking Urban Markets and Education


Member of United Nations SDG Community of Practice

The government’s market interventions in creating sustainable market linkage have mostly helped large farmers, even that too, partially and have always bypassed the smallholder farmers for whom it is enduring battle to get fair market value for the small portion of farm outputs that includes milk obtained from a scanty herd of 2-5 animals. 

The smallholder farmers are facing multiple battles besides the one in obtaining fair market value for the milk and these battles lie in the unique characteristics of milk that requires special considerations in terms of linking production to markets. These characteristics include its perishability, the daily nature of production, the lack of synchronization between demand and supply, and the inability to quickly adjust supply to changes in demand. 

Under these challenging conditions, the fate of smallholder farmers continues to remain in uncertainty and more so due to the unprecedented modern farming methods employed by the large farmers coupled with the adverse effect of the market globalization. Hence, there exists a greater need for adopting a holistic approach in empowering these farmers to overcome the challenges for their survival and sustainable development. 

It is in this context; Fortune Dairy has undertaken new initiative on the principles of creating a sustainable development model for the empowerment of farmers and transforming smallholders farming and dairying into a means of development for the people living in nearby areas and around the farm located in Lemur village in the Ranga Reddy District.

Under the prescription of this initiative milk and farm outputs will be procured in bulk quantity from the cluster of nearby villages so to enable smallholder farmers, residing in these villages, in obtaining fair market value. Thereby, it will deal effectively in grouping small dairy farmers to deal with the challenges of producing and marketing their milk & farm outputs.

This initiative will further boost the economy of nearby villages as the scope of various activities involved in implementing its operational programs will create many employment opportunities for the unskilled population and particularly to a large number of women living in these villages.

Pristine Perfect brand name was born out of the company’s highly regarded fresh milk concept that itself was emitted from its core philosophy of remaining true to ethical values and running its operations in an eco-friendly manner. 

Fortune Dairy and the inter alia companies are strongly committed to contributing in the realization of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development it aligns business strategies and operations with universal values and principles in the area of environmental protection. At the dairy, the management is already pushing the imperative of an agriculture industry’s long-term sustainability goals by adopting various methods in restoring degraded ecosystems, producing clean energy and organic fertilisers through a biogas system. The manure generated from the biogas is sold at the concessional rate to the farmers for encouraging them in joining the green moment.
This initiative will carry out various programs in helping the farmers adapt to the impacts of climate change that can lead to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Finally, the presence of an established and highly regarded company as ours will play supportive and role in guiding these farmers to work within the enforceable standards and regulations to ensure basic adherence to modern food safety standards.

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